This is my learning log for the OCA Ditigal Photographic Practice course

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Project: Black and white

Exercise: Colours into tones 1

Following the notes in the course folder, I used Silver FX Pro to process this image (RAW files are processed and saved as TIFFs in this application) of fish sellers in Mindelo, Sao Vicente CV:

This is the default generated by the Black and White conversion option on the filter menu, showing the default settings in this screen shot with no colour filter applied.

Concentrating on the the lady with the red t shirt and the green bowls behind her, this is the first adjustment; lighten the red: Hue 16 degrees, strength 60%. The red t shirt is lighter and the green bowl is darker.

Reversing the adjustment lighten the green; Hue 109 degrees, filter strength 68%. This has darkened the red considerably.

Conclusion: The three images above have a fairly even distribution of tones but because of the effect on the skin tones, the effect of lifting the red has a more pleasing effect and makes the image tones appear to be better balanced i.e. less dark tones overall.

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