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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Project: Black and white

Exercise Strength of Interpretation
The objective of this exercise is to process two images into black and white and demonstrate that the processing applied to colour images will be less marked than the effects on the black and white images.  Here is the first which I think is more suited to a low key black and white image:

DSC_2002_mono_HK DSC_2002_mono_LK

High key

Low key
DSC_2002_HK DSC_2002_LK

DSC_2002_web Processing: Both the black and white and the colour images received the same processing. The original image (left) is as it came from the camera and was processed from RAW.

High key  Brightness: + 63%
Contrast: – 25%

Low keyBrightness: - 8%
Contrast: + 8%

As mentioned in the notes, the effect is more marked in the black and white images although the high key colour image is more contrasty that the black and white high key image.

My second image I think is more suitable for a high key black and white image:
First of all, the original:

DSC_1982_HKmono_web DSC_1982_LowKey_web
DSC_1982_HK_colour_web DSC_1982_LK_colour_web

These are the values used for the high and low key images, both colour and black and white.

High Key: Brightness: +39%
Contrast: + 45%

Low Key:Brightness: –14%
Contrast: – 35%
In addition to this adjustment, the low key image was improved by the use of a red filter adjustment which darkened the green tones on the mountain side:
Colour: 0°
Strength: 66%
Conclusion: This exercise clearly demonstrates the importance of being able to see colours as tones in black and white and how extremes of tone can be used to create interesting effects in high and low key images.

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