This is my learning log for the OCA Ditigal Photographic Practice course

Monday, 2 December 2013

Project: Digital photography and truth

Exercise: Correction
1. Dust correction:


This image has several dust spots down the left side. Capture NX2 has a variable size Auto retouch brush which deals with this type of spotting effectively:

This is a very similar process to “spotting” a print post processing. This is a legitimate correction to make which takes less time and skill digitally. NX2 does not have a clone tool and this retouch brush is best used on small even textured areas. For the next part of the exercise I will use PSE which has more sophisticated tools for correction.

2 Lens flare correction:
This is a fairly straightforward lens flare against  a textured surface, corrected in PSE9 with the cloning tool.


I used normal mode, an 80 pixel size brush and 100% opacity to quickly clone the area of the flare. I also corrected the flare using the method in the course notes i.e. colour and darken settings but as there is a lot of surface texture in this image, it involved an extra unnecessary step.


This exercise was justified in this case – a record shot of a brackish pond on a shingle bank. The flare added nothing to the image and was a distraction. I appreciate that flare can add to an image as long as it is not over done. Again this can be justified if the photographer is conveying his reaction to the scene and it re-enforces the contre-jour effect.

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