This is my learning log for the OCA Ditigal Photographic Practice course

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Project–a sequence of actions

Exercise 1: Your own workflow 1
Objective: Devise and then put into practice a workflow that suits you personally for a specific short assignment and make notes of your experience of this in your learning log.
Assignment:  Produce photographs of a National Trust property suitable for publication in a tourist brochure or information sheet. (had this been a professional assignment I would have contacted the National Trust. I checked their photography policy and as student assignment, I treated this as a “not for commercial use” exercise)

My own workflow for a time limited assignment:

Before leaving home:

  • Check Camera and lenses are clean, charge battery and spare
  • Check and format SD Cards - Use in rotation
  • Check camera bag for equipment, lens tissue, blower brush, SD card cases
  • Notebook, pencil, mobile phone
  • Drive to Location

On arrival at location: (2 hours 1300 – 1500)

  • Final check on camera settings, exposure mode, white balance, image quality (RAW +JPEG)
  • Check light quality and direction in relation to the subject
  • Walk around the location to find suitable viewpoints. Make a note of the ones you want to use
  • Commit a few images to SD card to check for exposure (highlight and shadow clipping from the histogram) Adjust exposure compensation accordingly
  • When the light is right, shoot the chosen locations.
  • Allow time for the sun to move to highlight areas of the scene if necessary
  • Record SD cards used and store in cases
  • Return home  to edit images

Image Editing

  • Transfer images to PC
  • Perform technical edit
  • Select satisfactory images from those remaining
  • Make first selects
  • Find several of the best images
  • Review your best selection
  • Process images (see personal workflow here)
  • Choose two images for submission
I chose to use this exercise in combination with Exercise 4 (Editing). Click the link to see the images.
Conclusions:  I designed the workflow in light of my experience with the Art of Photography assignments that involved a specific project (i.e. Liphook Carnival) and I am pleased to say it worked very well. There is nothing I would change and the only problem I had was waiting around for people to move out of shot and/or for the clouds to move away from the sun. Luckily the two hours I allowed, had some contingency built in for this reason.

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