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Monday, 10 February 2014

Project - A web gallery


I do have a web gallery but at the moment it has very little on it. At the end of this course and before I start level 2, I will either bring it up to date and add some additional personal work or shift it to a new provider. I am moving my learning log to Word Press and depending on what facilities are offered, I may build a web site there. Updates to operating systems and platforms make a site that can be viewed on all devices essential so this also needs to be considered.

Many years ago I bought a book called “Web Site Design for Professional Photographers”. I looked it out recently but decided that the ideas in it were too commercial although the basic layouts using MS Front Page as a web page editor could easily be adapted and simplified. My web gallery was written using MS Front Page with the slide shows assembled using the Amara slideshow application. I decided on a very simple layout with individual galleries in new windows. Simple black text on a white ground seems to be a good way of presenting words alongside images and a thumbnail bar and central viewing window within the gallery make looking at the images easier. The fewer mouse clicks (or screen taps) the better.

The web galleries I have seen have influenced the way in which I put together my own.

Assignment 5 Personal project

During this period I have been working on the final assignment for the course. A full explanation of the development and progress of this project will be found in my assignments blog here:

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